"Three and a half years ago I was suffering with a terrifying alcohol addiction, the consequences of which led to me losing my family and I was in financial ruin. I was referred to Mrs Julie Roper a highly qualified counsellor who specialises In Addiction. The help and therapy over tho course of several month was invaluable. Mrs Ropers’ professional, challenging and caring approach was a major part of my recovery from addiction. I  also  received an after care plan which I utilise to this day. Three years latter I have rebuilt relationships with my family and friends.  In particular the relationship with my 12 yr old daughter which is very special, for the first 9 years  of her life I was emotionally unavailable to her. My  business is flourishing and I have no obsession to pick up an alcholic drink.

I would recommend anyone to see Julie who not only is a specialist addiction therapist but has a wealth of various different counselling experience."

John Bolton


"I first went to see Julie Roper in 2008 suffering with severe  depression and anxiety. Her knowledge and ability to help me express myself was second to none. I found her to be open and honest at all times which in turn helped me to start to be honest with other people. It was a long slog up the hill but with the help of this  patient talented therapist I got there and I am very grateful."